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Emotional Body: How to use an inspiration board to boost your mood!

On how the emotional body can be influenced by your inspiration board!

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The Mental Body: How a morning routine could build yours!

Get a bird’s eye view of my morning routine & learn how creating your own could build your mental body!

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Dreams: How to boost your Throat Chakra to promote better recall!

Learn how the Throat Chakra is connected to dream recall and how you can activate your own Throat Chakra to remember your dreams!

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Coaching: how it changed my life & how it will change yours too!

My own personal journey through coaching and how coaching can influence you!

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What to do when you can’t get what you want!

Alright Ohmies, let’s get real about the first thing people hear when they begin their trek on the spiritual path…. manifesting. Manifesting sounds like the american dream, but there’s a lot that gets left out when the topic is discussed. Listen, I...
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