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Don’t Fake It Till You Make It: Owning your Orgasm

*Note: I am an Affiliate of Amazon and I represent their product throughout this post. I may make a small commission on any purchases you make, at no additional cost to you!  A lesson in Anatomy   Sex, at its core, is an act of total sacred connection. It is when...
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Let’s talk about sex, baby

Break the mold Julia’s the name… authenticity is the game. And boy oh boy, has the game shifted. I look around to other soulprenuers and I see strong women who are standing in (and speaking) their truth. If you asked me a month ago if I thought I did that,...
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Emotional Body: How to use an inspiration board to boost your mood!

On how the emotional body can be influenced by your inspiration board!

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The Mental Body: How a morning routine could build yours!

Get a bird’s eye view of my morning routine & learn how creating your own could build your mental body!

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Dreams: How to boost your Throat Chakra to promote better recall!

Learn how the Throat Chakra is connected to dream recall and how you can activate your own Throat Chakra to remember your dreams!

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Awaken Your Passion Mediation


Check out my latest meditation to help you awaken your passion and ignite your fire energy!

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